Monday, February 06, 2006

The Packing Fairy Pays a Visit.

We arrived home late yesterday evening, not a bad journey. So there I was sitting down to unwind with a nice glass of wine when I noticed the 'packing fairy' had visited again, actually this one was the 'unpacking fairy'. (Following on from Mi Casa Su Casa). I've now got some additions to 'my' film library, The A Team, a full Indiana Jones set, Men in Black, oh and a couple of familiar titles. I wondered where they'd gone.

It was at this point that my daughter realised that I had noticed and thought she had better spill the beans. Or to put it another way, grass on her brother. I'll give her, her due, she had actually mentioned on the phone the other day that he had brought me some more boxes round. She had however omitted the bit about them being full when he arrived. She also mentioned the bathroom set he'd put in the attic and oh yes, how do you turn off the ceiling fan in our bedroom. Bless, apparently he was just checking to see if it's working. You'll be pleased to know it works fine, and has been doing the entire time we were away in Yorkshire.

I wonder who'll visit next week while we're away, the decorating fairy, (my study has been reassigned as grandchild #2s nursery). Will I be relegated to the hall cupboard? Pushed out by Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Why can't it ever be the cleaning fairy or the gardening fairy?

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