Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nosey Parkers.

What is it with men and their obsession for picking their noses in the car?

Yesterday whilst I was waiting to get onto a roundabout, I spotted three men in their cars all having a good 'clear out'. His Lordship is as guilty as the rest and he doesn't reserve it for solo trips either. Manys a time I've caught him out of my eye corner when we've been stopped in traffic. They don't make any attempt to be subtle about it either. It's almost like, oh the car has stopped, wumph, finger up the nose. His Lordship assures me that this is their form of multitasking and it's something to do with the complexities of the male brain v the female brain.

Well I've got news for you gentlemen, there's nothing complex about it.

a) It's not big and it's not clever, didn't your mother ever tell you about getting stuck up there and the very real danger of your head collapsing!

b) It most certainly isn't attractive, especially if you've just been engaged in the act before attempting to flirt with the woman in the next car. Trust me she noticed you first.

c) And lastly, make sure you use a hanky for your deposits, not your socks, the sides of your trousers or anywhere else within striking distance. No, 'snail trails' are not a fashion accessory.

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