Saturday, February 11, 2006

What's the Score.

Eureka! I think we've found a house. They don't mind the dogs, they have one of their own and they don't mind children, they have two of their own. They did offer to include theirs in the rent. After much consideration, (30 seconds to be exact), his Lordship and I declined. Mainly on the grounds that there wasn't sufficient cupboard space to store them all.

The nice chap from the letting agency took a shine to me, he wanted to tell me all about the cattery that he and his wife ran in the late 1980s. Now I don't mind talking to anyone, it passes the time of day, but when you're trying to earwig on the conversation your husband is having with the sultry Italian lady owner of the property it is a bit distracting. After several attempts to politely change the subject, I opted for the full frontal attack.

"Do you like cats then?" he enquired.

"Yes, I think they're lovely, especially with a nice Chianti and some Faver beans!"

Conversation over, I proceeded to intercept his Lordship and the Italian lady owner. As I thought, on closer inspection they were discussing the TV reception, and if there was sky at the property. He even managed to get her to give him a demonstration of which TV channels were available. It was the latest rugby results he was really interested in. He's such a charmer.

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