Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who Let the Dogs Out

Letting agents really are the boils on the bottom of humanity. I spoke to the agent for the cottage we saw over the weekend to tell him that we would like to take it. No problem just a few forms to complete and the £100 holding deposit... plus £50 each for us to do credit checks on both of you. I then explained that as this is a company relocation they are paying the rent etc. Kerching, no problem that will be another £100 to run a credit check on them too. So I pointed out that as they are paying and not us, they don't need to do the credit checks on his Lordship and me. Silly woman, of course they do. So that's £300 non refundable in cash. But let me add that they have also charged the Landlord £200 for the same thing. Kerching, £500 for work that involves a couple of telephone calls and someone showing us around the property for half an hour. Now I understand why they weren't interested when I called before. They can leech a very nice living off the few they do manage to hook. Could somebody pass me a lancet, preferably blunt, I'm going in.

It's ok, I've run out of steam, all is calm again. Well almost, only the pitiful moans of the dogs who it would appear are half starving, due to the fact that it's 45 minutes past their breakfast time. I'm a cruel, cruel woman. They have already been on a forced march in the pouring rain, and then as we pass the stinkiest pond in the wood, they have to jump in and submerge themselves in the dark inky depths of the decaying leaves and rotting pondlife, only to have to suffer the indignity of a mile walk home smelling like a compost heap. Then to add insult to injury she who must, (occasionally), be obeyed, hasn't got the towels out so they have to make do with drying themselves on the lounge carpet before collapsing in a steaming heap in front of the fire. And the aroma of wet dog blended with a dash of murky pond wafts throughout the house once more.

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