Tuesday, January 31, 2006

List of Players

Ok I thought it was about time that I introduced you to some of the characters that inhabit my world.

His Lordship - My husband, we met in 1977 and were married on 28th March 1981. I love him what more do I need to say.
My Son & My Daughter in Law - appear as themselves, but also sometimes under the guise of the packing fairies.
Her Ladyship - My daughter. What can I say she has her fathers brains and my wit. God help her!
Grandchild #1 & Grandchild #2 - my granddaughter and grandson alias Bizzybot & Benjamin Bunny. (ok Grandmas' are allowed to be soppy).
The Captain - My Dad, one of the loveliest people you could ever meet. A truly gentle man, the person that taught me that no matter what life throws at you, there is still laughter even in the darkest of hours. I love you Dad.
The Fat Controller - My Father in Law. This was the affectionate name by which his own children and grandchildren knew him. In his eighties he's old school, worked on the railways all of his adult life. For those friends across the pond you may know the fat controller by another name, Sir Topham Hat from the Thomas the Tank Engine stories. The Fat Controller passed away 28th February 2006.
Mrs Beeton - My Mother in Law. She has devoted her years to caring for her family. Her main focus in life has been food. She was a very good cook. Mrs Beeton for those of you who don't know was a Victorian lady who wrote the definitive cookbook. Still in print. At 86 years old she drives us all up the wall and then some, but she we lover her... honest!
JT - My older sister, she is one of the funniest people I know.
Legal Eagle- My brother in Law, JT's husband, very witty, very lovely.
The International Playboy - My big brother, more moves than a chess champion, collects exotic wives, least said!
Cruella - Mrs International Playboy. They got married in September 2007. She's Russian... see above! But ignore that, she is lovely and hopefully the final Mrs International Playboy.
The Chuckle Brothers - His Lordships brother and his co worker.
Agent Starling - The letting agent for fecklessmove.com, (Letmove.com), yes I've said it, so sue me if you want. It's all true.

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Attila The Mom said...

Gak! I can't believe I missed this! Boy do I feel like a dort! ;-)

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