Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Yes it is the beginning of Lent, so for the next forty days and nights, many people will be sacrificing something in their daily life.

This year my colleagues and I decided that we would all give something up for Lent. I love my co-workers they are a hotchpotch of people from different backgrounds, race, culture, religion etc. As we started the ball rolling it gathered momentum and even the non-christians decided that they would like to join in. They wanted to boost the moral of their team and felt that a little abstinence could probably do their 'souls' no harm either. So here are the things being given up;

5 people are giving up chocolate
3 people are giving up smoking, (ouch, I take my hat off to them)
4 people are giving up alcohol, (me included... oh my word, no pickle juice until Easter)
2 people are giving up their cars, (they will be bussing it or on 'shanksies pony')
2 people are giving up cakes and sweet things of any kind, (I think they call this a diet)
and finally,
1 person is giving up cream cheese bagels.

'I'm sorry', I hear you say, 'cream cheese bagels?'

Yes, cream cheese bagels, they are her addictive, breakfast pleasure, she is on first name terms with the staff at the bagel shop nearest to our office. We realised that with this selfless act our little band had witnessed the pinnacle of true self sacrifice. We felt honour bound to help our friend in her endeavour, and so in order to assist her path towards admission to the hallowed ground of her own 'heaven', we telephoned the local shop. They now display the following note on their counter;

Do not serve cream cheese bagels to Carol.

She has given them up for Lent.

We salute this incredible act of self sacrifice.

See you in forty days.

I hope she appreciates our little gesture of encouragement!!!

9 at confession:

100 Words said...

Abstinance makes the heart grow fonder - so I expect you all to return to your vices with renewed verve.

Stinkypaw said...

You inspire me to follow in your footstep: I will give up chocolate which is just the same as your pickle juice, since I don't drink but rejoice in chocolate almost daily!

Let's see if I can do this!

St Jude said...

100 words: if that is true, then I apologise well in advance for the lack of posts over Easter. LOL

Stinkypaw: You go for it, you can do it.

Nikki said...


You're giving up the pickle juice eh. Good for you.

I guess I could give up cigs...but I won't...cause I don't wanna LOL

Good Luck!

Diesel said...

Man, now I feel bad. Maybe I should stop drinking soda. Or whatever you call it over there.

St Jude said...

Nikki: what are you like lady?

Diesel: it's 'pop' sweetie. I hope you drink the sugar free stuff, otherwise you'll rot your teeth.

100 Words said...

By the way, you have the first of little oddities, as promised, over my place. One down, five to go...

Kevin Charnas said...

HA! Your such good friends...
You could also give the cashiers taser guns in case she comes in and gets too demanding.

Diesel said...

Did you give up blogging for Lent?

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