Monday, January 30, 2006

It's Black & White, well actually grey.

Last night I decided to unveil my blog to his Lordship. So I sat down with him in front of the PC and gave him the full tour. Was he impressed, not a bit of it. He struggled to understand it's purpose and why people do it and why would someone want to read it. (charming.)

(His Lordship is in the top 3% of analytical brains in Europe, though that still doesn't give him the ability to find his socks if they aren't in the draw or locate the European soap mountain I have stored in the hall cupboard if there isn't any in the bathroom. He doesn't do detail and therein lies the problem.)

You see he's colour blind, he like many others with him can only see in black and white, they can't distinguish grey. This does give them the ability to see things very clearly and not being diverted by other things they do on the whole have an uncanny ability for success. However living in a monotone world is not as easy as you may think, because without the grey bits you lose the subtle shading that gives the world depth.

(Hells teeth that was a bit philosophical I haven't been reading self help books again... my books are all packed. Honest.)

Anyway back to the blog issue, it's a multitone thing, it's detail, (especially this one). It is made up entirely of shading and that's where he's struggling, when he asked "what's the point of it?" Well there isn't any point, it's not going to change the world, or find a cure for cancer or the common cold. It's just a bit of fun, love, for those of us that live in the shade.

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