Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Do Exist.

The young woman stood on the side of the platform at the train station. Her sobs inconsolable. Her reasoning impaired. Not drink. Something far worse, depression, medication, a world of issues too difficult to express. Her life falling away and her crys for help unheard.

Most noticibly by the ticket collector who had ignored her pleas for help and thrown her off the train and abandoned her, without a second thought. On a dark and empty station miles from anywhere.

Desperate she dialled a number and waited eagerly for her Mother to pick up, although she was over two hundred miles away, she needed someone who could understand her fear and although not able to physically hold her, could speak the words whose magic only came from knowing that she was loved.

Had her disability shown, there would have been compassion, understanding, assitance. But her scars are hidden, and so the world carried on as though she did not exist. She became a 'non' person.

7 at confession:

St Jude said...

Before anyone feels the 'need' to comment. This post will only remain for a short time. Pain has a short shelf life and soon I will be availing you with the exploits of my 'wonderful' holiday.

Afterall laughter is medicine for the soul.

Rhonda said...

Aw Jude. Keep it here. It was beautiful as well as sad.

Charlie said...

I second Rhonda's motion. According to Robert's Rules of Order, we must now take a vote.

Nikki said...

If we're voting, then I vote we leave it up.

Attila The Mom said...

Jude. :-(

frankengirl said...

I'm glad I got to read this, St. Jude.

Very powerful.

Kate said...

Oh yes, leave it up, it's very moving, and also thought provoking. Sometimes people do need to be reminded that not all disabilities are visible.

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