Sunday, May 21, 2006

House Hunting.

We are going house hunting today. I've packed the old shotgun and binoculars. I'll let you know if we manage to bag any.

4 at confession:

Kim Ayres said...

Bear traps might be inhumane, but they are effective when hunting the common or garden variety of house.

Particluarly effective for keeping the estate agents stuck outside while you get to look round in peace :)

Nikki said...

AH! I'm glad you're back. I was concerned.

If you could manage it. I'd like a nice old fashioned Victorian. Thanks

St Jude said...

Kim: that's a damn fine idea. Estate agents do tend to get under your feet.

Nikki: Victorian sounds good to me too.

I saw so many houses yesterday they have merged into a huge blur.

Kate said...

Keeping with the hunting theme . . . hope you bagged a brace. Sorry, that isn't a very good pun is it (blush)

Oh and a pat on the back for Kim, for helping in the strange case of the disappearing blog.

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