Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pre Big Fat Greek Wedding

Next weekend I shall be attending a big fat Greek wedding. It is my nephews wedding to be exact. He is not the Greek in question, none of our side of the family are in actuality Greek. His fiances family are though. The service will be at a Greek Orthodox Cathedral in London, followed by a reception at the Hyatt Regency in Portman Square.

Everyone will be there, His Lordship and I, JT and her husband, and the international playboy, my brother, the grooms father. He will be flying in from Moscow where he currently lives with his latest girlfriend. Well I assume she will be in tow unless he has traded her in for the newest model. The women in his life are somewhat akin to his taste in cars, sleek and racy. They rarely survive past the MOT stage. The Captain sadly will not be able to attend, the travelling would be too much. But we will report back in full and with glossy photos and he has of course been party to our research, mainly in the form of watching 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and 'Zorba the Greek' whilst snacking on copious amounts of Greek food downed with ouzo. So everything is running along tickety boo?

NO! I have just discovered that I haven't a thing to wear... no really I mean it, I have nothing to wear. You see in the packing frenzy of just a couple of months ago I put all of my dresses into storage, even my beloved 1950s designer numbers, the girls are currently languishing in a storage facility heavens knows where, in the dark, alone and unloved. Sniff. So today I will hit the shops in an attempt to find something befitting the occasion. It's an absolute nightmare, not only do I have to find something that I like, but it also has to be co-ordinated with JT's outfit.

You see the problem is that we do look very much alike, we have been mistaken for each other on numerous occasions. Slightly distressing for her taking into account some of my more recent shopping excursions! So in order to avoid the whole 'peas in a pod' reaction I asked her the other day what she would be wearing. She hasn't decided yet! My lovely sister is the Queen of indecisiveness, but only when shopping. A shopping trip with JT is a marathon of hope and despair. Hope that we will actually buy anything that she has picked up, tried on or mused over. Despair that when she does manage to get to the till with it, you know that you will probably be returning the following week to said till with the same item to be returned. I have however managed to narrow down the colours that she may, or may not, be wearing.

So wish me luck in my little quest, I have no doubts whatsoever that as on past occassions, we will manage to turn up in very similar outfits. One or both of us will have a last minute change of outfit, what can I say we're sisters.

Shopping Trip Update
Well there I was laden with prospective little candidates for my wedding adventure. I had just entered the fitting room and was standing in my undies sifting through the prospects when CRASH! the lights flickered for an instant and then went out. One of the many thunder storms we have had today managed to take out the electricity to the entire mall.

Have you ever tried to find your own clothes in the pitch dark in a fitting room full of clothes. When the assistant finally managed to locate a torch and lead us out onto the shop floor, I felt positively relieved with my make shift ensemble, ok so none of it matched and only one item of clothing was in actual fact my own, but one poor woman emerged with a pair of trousers that were two sizes two small so they were not fastened and a T-shirt that was on back to front and inside out.

However the worst part was being forced to leave the shopping centre and stand in the car park. We did get some rather funny looks. Not least because we were coralled together by the security gaurds, just in case any of us should have any naughty thoughts of making off. I have to say that I don't think any of us would have gone anywhere. The lady with the tiny trousers and big bottom was'nt going anywhere fast, and the rest of us would have made excellent stand ins for the dummies in a charity shop display.

Ah well better luck tommorow.


Just as an additional note, has anyone else been having problems uploading images to blogger. I have tried on several occasions of late and although it says it's done it the images are not appearing?

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The Poodle's Friend said...

I think you should make a statement. Go naked.

Beki said...

Wear a wedding dress and hopefully you'll get some money pinned to you too :o)

Pendullum said...

I am not good at shopping at the best of times AND having the pressure of having to find something for an event like a wedding....Hmmm???
Even worse...
and shopping with someone... that would send me over the edge...
You are a far stronger woman than me St. Jude...

Kate said...

The electicity went off here too, then, when it came back on the tv wouldn't show a picture for about 30 minutes.

That was preferrable to your experience though. That poor woman in the too small trousers, ooh how embarassed she must have been.

Good luck with your hunt for an outfit!

ps: I used to favour little 50s numbers when I was at art college. Not sure what happened to mine though. The last time I saw them they were in my Gran's wardrobe encased in plastic. Hmm, must ask my Mum about them.

Rhonda said...

Ompa! (That is all I know of Greek Weddings.)

As you probably recall, shopping for outfits for any occassion fancier than a trip to the veterinarian is my worst nightmare.

But, you've outlined a far worse scenario: Shopping in the dark and, then, be held captive at the mall by security guards! Ack! That would be my own private prison ;o)

May the storms pass shortly, the malls reopen, and the perfect dress end up in your closet . . .

Chris Pittock said...

We have also had rain here down south. It's been bone dry for weeks and we are warned no to use water for anything more than bathing. So we decided to invited both our families around for a nice bar-b-que.

The rain arrived promptly as we sat down to eat on the patio. Excellent timeing. We ended up all crammed into the dining room to eat. It was strictly standing room only.

Don't you just love the British Summer?


St Jude said...

TPF: Interesting, not sure whether they would applaud or run away screaming though.

Beki: I like your thinking.

Pendullum: TJ although a nightmare on the shopping front has my sense of humour, so beware world when we shop together ;0)

Kate: The storms were pretty bad were'nt they. Get those babies back from Grandma.

Rhonda: This is just another one of those days in the life of St Jude.

Chris: I moved back north after a decade in Kent in March this year. B-B-Qs are guaranteed to make it rain, even there. By the way say hello to your wife for me, I'm glad she likes the blog :0)

Cherrypie said...

Where have I been? I've got lots to catch up on. Love your new template.

Hate shopping for clothes, especially for other people.

Love Greek weddings too x

WBS said...

Greek Weddings - not something I'm familar with (never been to Greece on holiday either). My sum knowledge comes from the box in the corner of the room.

There my advice for the day itself is: Don't break too many plates.

The normal way of choosing an outfit when I'm out with Mavis is to visit something like 15 to 20 shops, often spread over a couple of days, then go back to the first or second one. It then takes another 4 or 5 trips to get the handbags, shoes and other essentials.

Must remember to take a torch next time we do go, that way I'll be able to read the paper wne the power goes of (while I'm sat next to the knickers and bras) while Mavis is trying on the stuff.

St Jude said...

Cherrypie: thank you. I'm looking forward to my Greek wedding.

WSB: I would normally be with Mavis on the old shopping front, but this time I have left it awfully late and so I'm haveing to rush. It may take just six or seven trips this time.

Stinkypaw said...

For a Greek wedding you better be ready to enjoy the Greek way; i.e. Greek music, Greek food and Greeks! A cousin is married to a Greek girl and at their wedding it was like a trip to Greece - interesting (to say the least). Then 2 years ago we went to Greece with them, gorgeous country, loved the islands, amazingly ate well everywhere we went, but the Greeks!!! Man! They are... ... Greek?! Let's go with that! I had been told before departure that I would love my trip despite the Greeks, and I did. I'd love to go back. And we will.

Next weekend we have a Greek Christening (they had a baby girl!), so while you'll do the Big Fat Greek Wedding, I'll be doing the Big Fat Greek Christening! Which reminds me, I should try to find something to wear! Have fun shopping!

BTW, I did to have that problem at times. That or it refreshes with "no data" - Bloggers isn't the most stable thing around, but hey! it's free! ;-)

kim said...

OOoohhhh a greek wedding will be a great time!
I do love vintage dresses ... how fun you are St Jude!
And shopping ...not so fun! I hate shopping ick!

Nikki said...

I can't say that I'm overly fond of shopping unles I get that "Let me spend every penny we have" mood. I don't care to much for the rather "trendy" stuff out there. I'm a modest dresser, but I still like to look fashionalbe - it's a pain in the buttocks.

...and on blogger - I can't get any images to load either. I tried three times with my last post and it just wouldn't happen. grrr.

Star said...

I hate when you have to find an outfit for an occassion. Too much pressure. And then the lights going out on you! Better luck next shopping trip.

St Jude said...

Kim: I am looking forward to the experience.

Nikki: Ooh I like the spend every penny mood. I'm glad It's not just me that blogger doesn't always love.

Star: Thank you. I am hoping for some saintly intervention sometime soon as I still haven't found the right concoction!

Kevin Charnas said...

OOOHHH!! TOO funny. I LOVE the update. To see that poor thing in trousers two sizes too small and the whole inside out backwards thing...too damn funny.
You must have certainly looked like quite the silly lot.

Rainman said...

So you didnt make off with the designer dress? What kind of cop are you?

Yes blogger is the worst lately. I only get about one in ten photo's to load.

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