Monday, July 17, 2006

Life on the Mean Streets - Air 'Con'

When I arrived in my new job, they were just completing the installation of air conditioning throughout the building. There are several floors and it had been a mammouth effort apparently to get the work done in time for the summer. That was in May.

The air conditioning units are located at the back of the building, a large bank of them. During my first week there I watched as they erected a high metal fence around them with spikes on the top. No body was going to get into those little babies. Then two weeks later I noticed that the fence men were back. I watched with intrigue this time as they began to put a series of flat metal bars directly over the spikes, and then a few days later a roof over the entire area. I watched with some incredulity as the fence men clambered up the side of the fence and hoisted themselves onto the roof. Giving the occasional wave to those people inside the first floor offices.

Hmm, there is something not quite right with this scenario, even more so when you take into account the work that we do and the people that we work with. Safety is paramount. It would also appear that the safety of the morally challenged when going about their business is paramount. Some bright young Herbert apparently felt that the nasty spikes could cause injury to one of the aforementioned MC's if they were attempting to get into the air conditioning units. So as this is government and health and safety not to mention the abject fear of being sued, is all important, the 'top brass' decided it should be made ultra safe. Now they can't hurt themselves on the nasty mean spikes anymore and they can't fall into the units as there is now a roof.

I wonder if the same bright Herbert considered that the MC's can however now access the windows to our first floor offices thanks to the lovely ladder and platform that has been provided!! Under a barrage of protests from the first floor, an email was sent out which informed them that they are now barred from opening the office windows at the back, for 'health and safety' reasons.

It's alright though I hear you cry, they have air conditioning now and so they don't need to open their windows anymore. WRONG!! this is a government department. It would seem that nobody enquired to see if the electricity supply is up to the new task. It isn't. So by a stroke of genius, some one, possibly the same young Herbert on the fence front, has come up with the 'ideal' solution. We have the air conditioning on a rota basis. Last week it was our turn, this week it is the fourth floor, and so on, it will be the second week in August before we get to play with it again. Until then, in temperatures today of over 35 degrees, the poor devils on the first floor couldn't even open their windows, unlike the rest of us who do not reside on the fourth floor. But there is hope, the electriciy supplier has said that they should be able to get the upgraded cabling done in September!! Thanks chaps, roll on the second week in August then.

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Kate said...

That is incredibly stupid! How do the people who make these decisions ever manage to get jobs in the first place. They seem to be so thick you'd think they would need help dressing in the morning.

Just had a thought - couldn't they supply you with fans for the air con free weeks. They aren't as good, but they might help a bit.

St Jude said...

This is the government, money is tight, I had to take my own office supplies in, like stapler, paperclips etc... I'm sure if we asked they'd provide us with a leaflet on origami so that we could make a paper fan ;0)

Chris Pittock said...

I'm sure this sort of thing annoys an awful lot of people, myself included. I have to agree with Kate about the very stupid people at the top. These chinless wonders don't have a clue about how the real world operates.

This stupidity goes all the way to the very top I'm afraid. Right up to the "Westminster Muppet Show" as I like to call Parliment.

The Government short of money!!!! Don't make me laugh. They seem to find plenty for all those loony schemes and studies that go nowhere.

I'm sorry for the rant, but I work for an ex-government body that was privatised and the ammount of public money I see wasted year after year makes my blood boil.

I'll go and clawl back into my box now, if that's OK with you.


St Jude said...

Chris: it's ok sweetie, feel free to rant anytime... oh as long as it isn't about me that is ;0)

Arthur Clewley said...

are you sure that's not a plot from an episode of yes Minister?

St Jude said...

Hey Arthur your're back, nice to see you. So where have you been then?

I now know that they were'nt exaggerating.

The Poodle's Friend said...

ha, this is like my school! They install ceiling fans everywhere but on the last floor, forgetting that hot air tends to rise.

Well, I'm glad you don't work on the first floor!

Beki said...

Love the cartoon!

Nikki said...

It seems that government thinkers are stupid the world over.

We have this problem in abundance.

kim said...

Are you sure they arent sub-contractors from our government?
Thats just idiotic !

kat said...

i used to live in mississippi where all the jails in the state were air conditioned before the schools. yah.

Rhonda said...

I see government beurocracy and stupidity isn't limited to the States.

I love the new, tranquil, look, by the way =)

Kim Ayres said...

New look to the blog - I like it!

It's the kind of idiocy of bureaucratic organisations you describe which is a major influence on why I'm self employed.

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