Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Step Closer.

I'm sorry for the delay in reporting back. I had my neice and her nice young man staying over yesterday. By the way he is an IT whizz and did all sorts of wonderful things with my PC, he mended things I didn't even know were broken.

Well I went for my 'meeting' with the nice young woman from the agency. I was interviewed, tested and assessed to within an inch of my life. The only thing they don't have on file is my cup size. I'm pleased to report back that 'professionally' I am in tip top condition. So all of the nitty gritty out of the way she explained what the job entailed. It was everything I was looking for in terms of hours, pay, holidays and what's more it transpires that it will be a very interesting position. The catch in her view is the 'client base', it's working with ex-cons and some who are still being a bit naughty. In my view it sounds just up my street, I am after all the patron saint of lost causes, what more could they want?

I have an interview with the company tommorow morning. So wish me luck.
Ad posse ad esse!

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Charlie said...

Unless Britain is different, I don't believe they are allowed to ask cup size until after employment.

I agree that the work sounds interesting, as long as it isn't bounty hunting.

Good luck. I cannot translate your Latin because the dog ate my Latin dictionary. Sorry.

The Poodle's Friend said...

Oh, good luck! Or, um, break a leg.
I'd love to be related to IT whizzes. Seriously, professionals cost sooo much, I'd just love to exploit someone who can't ask you to pay them.

Kim Ayres said...

Best of luck!

Nikki said...

How great St Jude! Good luck to you!

St Jude said...

Poopie: No bounty hunting, I get the police to do that. ad posse ad esse, from possibility to actuality/reality.

TPF: It's great having an IT whizz in the family, he's offered to completely overhaul my PC when he's back next and load me some new software on. I can't wait.

Kim & Nikki: Thank you. I just hope they love me enough to want me on board.

Attila The Mom said...

Sending you all my best wishes!

St Jude said...

Attila: thank you. You'll hear me yelling on your side of the pond if they don't give me the damn job.

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Good luck Jude, may the Angels sing your praises!

phonographique said...

That's very inspirational Jude. Not having worked for nearly 10 yrs now, I keep considereing dusting the cobwebs off my CV meself. The problem is, now you've proved that people who haven't worked for a while can get interviews - I might have to admit the other reasons I'm not trying to get a job - like laziness ;-)

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