Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ring Ring

This morning I got a phone call. "Hello"
"Who's that?" A woman enquired.
"Don't you know? You've just called me." I replied somewhat confused
"Where's Hilda?"
"I have no idea."
"What are you doing there?" She demanded
"Eating my breakfast,"
"At Hilda's?"
"I'm not at Hilda's, I'm at my house," I was a tad miffed
"Then why are you answering her phone?" She said with a note of triumph.
"Madam I believe you have dialled the wrong number"
"No I haven't, I have it here in front of me, I dialled 274958."
"Well yes you have me there, your dialling skills are impeccable, that is indeed the number you have dialled, my number." I informed her.
"No it isn't it's Hilda's number she wrote it down for me. What have you done with her? I want to speak to her immediately" The note of hysteria in her voice made me panic and I slammed the phone down.
I apologise Hilda, but I think perhaps you had better put the kettle on, I have a sneaking suspicion you are about to receive some visitors.

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Kim said...

Lucky Hilda *rolls her eyes*

I was going to say at least it wasn't an obnoxious sales call, but I'm sure they will be ringing you later :)

Meg said...

That wasn't very nice of you to kidnap Hilda. And I thought you were a saint.

St Jude said...

Kim - I certainly hope Hilda appreciated the company.

Meg - Sorry, I hadn't realised I had until the phone call.

Kate said...

When we first moved here, we used to get regular calls from an old lady who was quite insistent about speaking to someone called Mary. No idea who she thought she was calling; the woman who lived here before us was called Eliza, so obviously not her.

Pete said...

this reminds me of a call I had years ago when in the flat.

I picked the phone up and some young lad asked after a girl

Me - sorry mate you have the wrong number

Him - no I don't, she's there I really need to talk to her please.

Me - sorry wrong number

this went on for a while before I lost my temper and hung up.

I so wanted to say at the end she was upstairs and we had been bonking. I 'm a bad person

St Jude said...

Kate - you've got to hand it to these misdiallers, they nothing if not persitant.

Pete - That's very naughty.. and yes you would have been a very bad person. ;0)

Charlie said...

Classic humor, St. Jude.

What I don't like are the wrong diallers who don't apologize for their mistake—I suppose they don't like admitting that they're idiots.

Stinkypaw said...

Yikes! Wouldn't want a friend like that looking/calling for me!

Anonymous said...

St Jude! Welcome back to blogland. Glad to see you're OK after all this time.

St Jude said...

Charlie - it's when they start tutting at you and getting shirty that winds my up.

Stinkypaw - She did seem abit formidable.

Digibirder - thanks it's nice to be back.

Lee said...

I suspect Hilda will be eternally grateful to you.

Kim Ayres said...

I used to live in a place where it turned out our telephone number was the same as a Travelodge two hundred miles away, except for a 4 and a 6 in the telephone code being the other way round.

We discovered this because in some advertising campaign literature of theirs, they made a printing error, and for 5 months afterwards we were getting calls at all hours of the day and night from people wanting to book a room

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