Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yes this blog is one year old today... yipee!

You are all invited to the party,

yes JT that includes you and the Captain, see I promised I would.

I've organised party games,

I thought we could start with a game of musical chairs

Just remember it's my party I might cry if I loose!!! By the way Atilla is that you 'hogging' the show, yes I can see you dear waving at the camera, it's ok you're my oldest blogging chum I forgive you... but just this once.

Ooh, ooh look it's time to light the candles on the cake

altogether now,

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear St Ju-ude
Happy birthday to you

Did you get me a pressie, did you, did you... something sparkly, exotic, did you, eh, eh.

It's ok there are enough party bags for everyone, yes JT that includes you big Sis xx

21 at confession:

Kevin Charnas said...



Where shall I set my clothes? This party is clothes-optional, right?
Good. I thought so.

Mamma said...

Did you get the stripper I sent?

Happy Birthday!!

Dorky Dad said...

Happy birthday! You don't look a day over six months.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for the party. You have a rocking cool blog. Drop into my blog for some unique birthday gift and party ideas.

St Jude said...

Kevin: just make sure you put your clothes on a hanger so they don't crease.

Mamma: oh I didn't know where to put myself... I blushing! LOL

Dorky Dad: You are such a gent.

Kate: Thank you, I'll drop by for some ideas.

Pete said...

happy birthday St J.

Attila The Mom said...

Hey now! You got my bad side!

Happy Bloggaversary, Dear Friend!

Arthur Clewley said...

happy anniversary jude, although the birthday police tell me that as you didn't post anything for six months they are going to have come and take away all your cake and give it back to you in July. well done for managing a whole year though.

St Jude said...

Pete: thank you.

Atilla: It could have been worse, it could have been your backside!!

Arthur: I had hoped to get away with that one, but as I will be writing more than ever this year I'll make up for it :0)

Kim Ayres said...

Happy Birthday St Jude!

I brought a bottle of virtual wine so we could get virtually pissed, allthuoghh mmmy wirtnig si gtetnig sqfuiffy

Ha ha, I just noticed the WV says spueiw

St Jude said...

Kim: I so glad you came. The wine is perfect. It's fun getting pickled. spueiw... do you think blogger is trying to tell us something? Oh by the way, I've signed up for the novel in a month thingy!!

Nikki said...


I forgot to buy a gift...I'd put a bow on my head...but you might try to return me ;-D

Pass me some cake would you? It's the healthy kind of cake right? know, the stuff that helps you loose weight and look great?

(and Kevin....take off the red boots hon...if you're gonna go naked...go NAKED..what was that? of course I won't steal them *looks around innocently*)

St Jude said...

Nikki: Hurray, your hangover has gone. Of course the cake is wonderfully healthy... in a richly chocolatey, sugary way :0}

Oh for heavens sake, will you stop wrestling with Kevin whilst I'm talking to you dear, it's very unbecoming to both of you. Oh dear now you're for it, Atilla is rolling up her sleeves.

Arthur dear do stop picking your nose!

Stinkypaw said...

Happy blogiversary St-Jude!!!

All the best and long live the Queen that you are! ;-)

Rainman said...

Happy blog - iversery and many more.

Please tell Kevin and Nikki to put their pants back on they are scaring the kids!

St Jude said...

Stinkypaw: it's so lovely to see you again. Thank you for that.

Rainman: You know you can't take them anywhere, I'm not sure the pants would stop them scaring anyone though ;0)

Pendullum said...

Hey where did everyone go???
Am I late to the party or what? DID Kevin Charnas take off hispants again???
I thinkit is Nikki's fault... she is always encouraging him... ALWAYS!!!!

I'll stay though,help you clean up after all your ruffian friends....

We'll chat and you can tell me who truly got out of hand at the party...

Girl In Her Underwear said...

How cute! You're so funny! Happy Birthday! You have a fun blog! Thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment! (I'm a little behind in reciprocating...sorry). I hope to see you again soon! I love U.K. people!!!!

St Jude said...

Pendullum: put that down right now, I just love that you stopped by. You don't have to do anything else.

Girl in her underwear: Nice to see you. I'll be visiting you again soon.

Attila The Mom said...

Hate to break up the party, but I hope you remember that tomorrow you're the gasbag. LOL

Beki said...

Happy Borthday and here's to the next year!

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