Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beta Blogging

I mistakenly changed my blog to the new beta version of blogger and since then I have had real problems trying to comment on other peoples blogs. I can't even sign in half of the time. Has anyone else had any similar problems?

That is partly the reason I haven't been blogging since New Year. The other reason is that I have been in Ireland for another big fat wedding. It was great fun, lots of men in kilts, pickle juice and dancing. I'll give you the full low down in my next entry.

5 at confession:

Pete said...

no problem for me

Kate said...

Yes it's been a bit tricky for me too, I have had quite a few comments disappear into the ether.

Glad you had fun at the wedding - you can't beat a good Irish wedding.

Kim Ayres said...

On blogs that haven't changed over, use the "other" option (on those that allow it) and put in your name and website like you have to if you visit a wordpress or typepad site.

Stinkypaw said...

Beta hasn't been easy at times... The way I managed to get around its issues is by directly logging in with my google account.

Chris Pittock said...

I've not had any issues, so far at least. All seems well for me. However, I will probably have no end of problems now I've said that.


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