Sunday, June 04, 2006


There I was minding my own business sitting in the morning sunshine enjoying a nice cup of tea, when zap, some thug of a wasp decided to attack me. The nasty little blighter went and stung me without any provocation.

I've been stung before and ok it hurt for a while but no real damage. This time however the offender must have been on steroids or something. It took most of yesterday for the swelling to subside and it is still painful this morning. That, I could have taken in my stride had it not been for the constant shivering and palpitations it kept causing throughout the day. Maybe next time I'll just enjoy the sunshine from the kitchen window.

Our Trumpeter this week is Kate. Take a trip over to her place to read her wonderful review of Spielbergs' War of the Worlds.
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Kim Ayres said...

I've not been stung by a wasp since I was a kid, but it doesn't stop me swatting the buggers at any opportunity. They have done more to ruin my Karmic bank account than any other creature.

Charlie said...

Those White Anglo-Saxon Protestants will get you every time.

Kate said...

Ouch! What a nasty little blighter. Hope it's feeling better now.

kim said...

seeeeee ? now thats why i dont go outside and am addicted to blogging lol

a.c.t said...

I got stung once when I was at school, so now everytime I see anything with yellow and blck stripes I run a mile.

Attila The Mom said...

Owwwww! Sorry you got stung!

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