Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

Apologies for the lack of posting over the last few weeks, a combination of the weather, (lovely, lovely snow), work, (not so lovely morally challenging bods, who think that this time of year is a burglars dream and are so grateful to you kind souls for presenting them with such wonderful gifts to pilfer), and trying to fight my way through the shopping hell.

My presents are wrapped and under the tree, like the true child inside me I am sitting here excitedly waiting for his Lordship to wake up so that we can open our pressies. It will be a quiet day here, a visit to the Captain, and Mrs Beeton is coming for dinner, nothing too strenuous. Tommorow their Ladyships will be coming over with our two youngest grandchildren for fun and mayhem.

So have a wonderful day, enjoy your festivities whatever they may be and remember what this time is all about... Pressies!!

Sorry, I meant to say, if you celebrate the birth of Christ or simply enjoy the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, please remember to include in your prayers and thoughts those amongst our blogging community that have been and are still suffering issues in their lives that may not bring them the peace they so wish this Christmas time.

Love to you all this festive season, may all you want be yours.

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Charlie said...

Ah, dear old Mrs. Beeton, and a tip o' the cap to the Captain. Martha and I wish the whole St. Jude clan a wonderful and happy Christmas.

DUTA said...

Happy Holidays to you! Enjoy the presents and the festivities!

Roses said...

And may all that is yours be what you want.

Merry Christmas!

mapstew said...

Many Happy Returns!


St Jude said...

Thank you everyone, I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas Day.

Ann ODyne said...

Hopeless Case here St.Jude, followed you from White Rabbit, compelled to empathise re aggravation of cinema audiences.
Have you had the one where several people are on their cell phones right up until the first line of dialogue.
I wondered at the time about 'justifiable homicide'.
Happy Christmas

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