Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eating Elephants.

What happended to the weekend? Did I blink?

Week 1.
Well I now consider myself to be well and truly inducted, I've been inducted into university, well actually not one but two... I don't do things by half my dears. I've also been inducted into my new team, my sub group, my super group (no not as in Bee Gees or ABBA type super group), my district. In fact I am so well inducted I feel like I have been turned inside out and back again and I'm not sure if at some point someone didn't tattoo the company logo on my rump, well ok if they didn't do, then it certainly felt like it was going to be done at some point.

My fellow 'cohortees' are an amiable bunch. The usual mixture of the shrinking violets who at some point will come out of their shells and let their hair down, probably after a babycham or two... bless them. The peirced, tattooed wild child, only with a few years under her belt looking slightly jaded and a little the worse for wear. Sadly at two of the offices we've attended so far she has been mistaken for one of the clients! The ebullient and ever so chatty ones who really don't understand the concept of putting a sock in it, but hey ho they give the rest of us some snooze/thinking time and keep the tutors off our backs. Then of course there are the fresh faced post grads who haven't a clue what they want to do when they grow up so when they saw the advert for the trainee ship they rubbed their hands together with glee and whoopeed at the prospect of another couple of years as an undergraduate again. (Are you mad children?) Oh and of course then there is little old me, the saintly Jude who never could say no to a lost cause... and believe me at the end of the first week I feel like the biggest lost cause going!!

6 at confession:

kim said...

Things will settle in to a routine and you will be wonderful at this , its what you have worked so hard for! *hugs*

Charlie said...

Chin up, Saint. I suspect that training for Royal Executioner is rigorous--How to buld a gallows, Fun tricks with rope, What to do when the drop sticks (hint: WD-40)--but if the young Masters can master it, so can you.

Kate said...

Wow, uni has changed - when I went, we had one really long and boring induction meeting, then they pointed out the bar and left us to get on with it LOL

St Jude said...

Kim - thanks for the hug, I really needed that.

Charlie - I think we move onto 'knots' and WD-40 in the second year ;0}

Kate - You had a bar!!! Nobody told me where the bar was... actually just as well I'm so tired at the moment I'd probably be on my bottom after a sniff of wine.

Stinkypaw said...

You'll get through this, so keep going and try to enjoy the ride!

Attila The Mom said...

Hang in there---it gets easier once you get into the swing!!


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