Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's A Bit Serious!!

Well after todays events... for those who have been napping or getting to grips with nature, the critical level security warning and the problems at the airports. I think we should re-jig our security level warnings, because those we have at the moment are a tad boring, so here it is...
Lowest level - Urm it could be a bit serious.
Medium level - Serious
High level - Very Serious.
Maximum level - Very, very serious.
Top level - Ok, that's it, you're going to get a plastic bag now!!!

By the way they say that mummies carrying on baby milk have to test it, (ie taste it), in front of security. Excuse me but does this also apply to mummies who are breast feeding?

8 at confession:

Pete said...

for those breast feeding you'll get loads of volunteers!

Arthur Clewley said...

even if a nursing mum produces TATP instead of milk I think that only on a flight to tahiti would she be able to produce enough to blow up a plane and hopefully the air marshalls would have shot her by then.

Kate said...

LOL @ Ok, that's it, you're going to get a plastic bag now!!!

Chris Pittock said...

My Wife works for a very well know news agents at Gatwick South Terminal and it's complete chaos there at present. She just phoned to say she's staying on to help out.

Where she works, air side, they have run out of drinks and cigarette lighters. The passengers have had to leave these item behind at security. They will probably have to give them up again before boarding thier plane anyway.

All shoes have to be removed and scanned before you can pass security. This effects everyone, including staff. Before she went to work this evening she was careful to put on a brand new pair of socks to so as to be presentible at the staff security point. I hope everyone else thinks of this, otherwise things could get very cheesey pretty quick.

kim said...

Im just thankful that the ever watchful people of Great Britian caught these fanatics before they hurt any more innocent people.
Hugs and well wishes for you and your family St Jude

christine said...

my son suggested

be afraid
be very afraid
cack yourself

the malign influence of The Now Show I feel

Beki said...

I bet amongst the (sh)IT(e) girls there is a competition as who can have the most expensive plastic bag. Nio doubt Lulu Guiness will have a new line out any minute...

Sven said...

My wife would love this rule. When she was breast feeding she could hit you with pinpoint accuracy from a distance of 10 eet. Imagine that in an airport line.

"You want to test the milk? I'LL GIVE YOU MILK!!!"

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