Thursday, March 09, 2006

So Much to Do

Ok so I know that I have been going on about it for ever, but it's actually happening, next week in fact. I'm moving house. Aargh!!! Half the packing isn't done, the place is in absolute uproar, I haven't spoken to any of the utilities yet to tell them. But the worst thing of all is that I don't know my new telephone number so I can't set up my internet connection ready for when I move in. I'll have an internet vacuum. What am I going to do? Now calm down you silly woman.

What am I thinking, when we moved down here I was juggling, three house sales, four schools, two children and his Lordship was out of the country, no where to be seen. This time it's easy, afterall it's just the two of us, (and the dogs), we're leaving the kids behind. No schools involved, no house sale, just the removal men and us to up sticks. Simplicity itself... I'll believe that when I'm sitting in my new house sipping a nice cup of tea from my intact china on my undamaged sofa.

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