Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A True Gent.

I went out on a date last night with a tall dark handsome man. I've known him for almost three decades, he asked me to marry him once, but we've sort of lost touch over the last couple of years. you know how it is family, work that sort of thing.

Not having done this 'dating' thing for a very long time you can understand that I was rather nervous.I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to decide what to wear. Of course it had to be something sexy, but not mutton, classy not trashy. And of course following on from the 'grandma' reference earlier, would it be the Cubans? But strictly no high heels, that's definitely vicars & tarts territory. At my age, (no I'm not disclosing it let's just say I've seen the better side of forty), you have to go for the elegant sexy approach. A little cleavage is ok, skirts at knee length, to allow for a smidgen of thigh when you sit down. Anything more than this and you'll definitely frighten the ducks away.

(That's just reminded me, I was just mooching through the feedback on who had been visiting my blog, when I discovered that a certain 'gentleman', I use that in the loser context, had come via an erotic site. I don't believe I just wrote that, apologies no pun intended. Anyway I was to say the least a bit bemused, if not a little put out, what on earth could he have typed in to arrive with little old me, and more to the point what have I talked about that could possibly be construed as erotic. Cuban stockings! I feel sorry for him now what a let down.)

Well I did opt for the Cubans, not for his benefit really, more for me. It's a girlie thing. Well after a couple of hours of buffing, waxing, polishing etc, (I sound like an old car,) I was ready for my date. I arranged for my daughter to drop me off at the place we had agreed to meet and I have to say I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw his car in the car park, at least he'd turned up. He was waiting by the bar and he'd ordered me a drink. He even told me how nice I looked. We had a great evening good food, a lot of laughs it was just like old times.

When it was time to go he helped me on with my coat and escorted me home. Such a gentleman. Unfortunately at this point I told him that I only kiss on the first date, and the Yorkshireman inside got the better of him. He took a step back and then in his own inimitable style offered to take me up the pub for last orders. We could consider that our second date and be in bed by half eleven.

That's why I love him, and that's why I married him twenty five years ago this March.

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